Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year Resolutions~

Here it comes, the year 2008.

Jane notised that she has a lot to do in the year 2008, because near to the end of 2008 would be a big turning point in her life.

Jane wishes to try her best, so that she wouldn't regret on the decisions she would make.

Here are Jane's new year resolutions:

1. Work hard on the new project.
-going to start a new project related to solid oxide fuel cell.

2. Attend more conferences, at least one international conference.
- with oral presentations, instead of poster presentation.

3. Publish at least 4 journals as a first order writter.
- 2 related to previous project of lithium rechargeable batteries, while 2 related to new project.

4. Work hard on job hunting.
- try to get a job in Korea, or somewhere else in Europe or U.S., but would focus in Korea.

5. Get more part time translation job.
- especially in Korean-English to earn extra cash, while gain knowledge.

6. Work hard and get the final graduation thesis done as soon as possible.
- this is the tough one, also what Jane worries the most.

7. Meet the other half, hopefully.
- this is the tough one too.

8. Get back to yoga class, hopefully.
- this one need both time and financial permissions.

9. Loss weight for around 5kgs, hopefully.
- this one should not be a problem :)

That's all for Jane's resolutions.

Seems like nothing much, but Jane doubt whether she could get all of them done in a year.

Anyway, Jane wishes everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!

May 2008 would be a great year ahead for everyone. :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flash back of 2007 (I)~

It's end of the year again, the year 2007.

2007 has been a tough yet memorable year for Jane.

Let flash back what exactly happened to Jane.

January - February :

A great birthday Jane had on 5th January. Thanks a lot to those (Eugene, HowChin, Sit, Tanya, PekFang, Karen, HsinPei, SiMin, and few more who left earlier) who celebrated with her and presents (perfumes, watch, party) she got were just great and memorable, because some of them are not longer in Korea, but working in Malaysia after graduated.

Brother's wedding on 27th January. They pushed their 7-year long-run relationship into the next stage. Jane wasn't there to witness their Registeration of Marriage, but she managed to witness their wedding. Congratulations!!!

KLCC SkyBridge-Bukit Tinggi-Genting Highland. One day trip on 10th February. That's the first time visiting in KLCC SkyBridge for both Jane and ZiYao, while first Bukit Tinggi trip for ZiYao and first visit of casino in Genting Highland for Jane. Thanks ZiYao for creating so many first together with Jane during the trip. Jane had a really enjoyable day.

The 100th Korea University Graduation Ceremony on 24th February. Thanks to those who came for the celebrations, especially 3 Japanese friends that flied all the way from Japan. All the best, friends!!!

That's all for January and February 2007.

Flash back of March and April is coming up soon, hopefully. :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally, lazy Jane starts blogging~

"Haha, I don't have a blog."

"Well, I just lazy to keep updating my blog from time to time."

"I don't blog, but I enjoy reading blogs."

These are how Jane used to respond to bloggers who she chatting with, especially those from ShoutOut

However, Jane decided to start blogging from
now on.


In Malaysia.
This was how they started their journey from May 2001 ~ February 2007.
UiTM, Shah Alam Section 17, was where they met and started to know each other in 3 months.
Thanks to the beloved teachers, Kyu Won, Tiara and Jee

In Korea.
Language Institute, Seoul National University, was where they learnt Korean Language for one and half years.
This was part of their time how they get to know each other more and explored this foreign land together.
Kyung-Ju, a place where they had learnt a lot about Korean history.

Blue House, the Korean president office, and residency Jane thinks. lol
Thanks to the beloved Korea language teachers in SNU, Jang, Chin, Kim, OOh, Haa, Hum, and etc.
In fact, Jane does not remember all teachers' name, b
ecause some of them did not teach her before. They taught other classes.

2006 October, one fine evening, they had a final dinner gathering at an international restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul.
They were so glad meeting each other. Non-stop camwhoring with each other.
They just wanted to capture the sweet moment they had together, because they noticed that they maybe have no chance to meet up each other again in the next few years, maybe 10 years, 20 years.

2006 November, final year students for 2007 February. Photo was taken in a big Malaysian students gathering in Seoul, together with Malaysia Ambassador in Korea and other Malaysia embassy officers.
They believe they have bright future wherever they go.
All the best, friends. ^^

Yes, flash back of memory is all Jane wants.

If your eyes are sharp, you may spot where Jane is in photos posted above. ^^