Monday, February 25, 2008

Huh?! What?! ......

Recently, Jane scratches her head while wondering, "Why would people always think in this way, say things in this way?"

"What do you do?" , people asks.

"I am studying in Korea, doing master degree." , Jane answers.

"Wah, your family must be rich." or "Wah, your parents must spending a lot for you to study overseas in Korea for so many years."

". . . . . . "

More than 90% of those asking Jane that question thinks and says that to Jane when they get to know that Jane is still studying in Korea.

Maybe in majority's eyes, that's a normal and appropriate "estimination" towards Jane.

It's understandable if one thinks that parents pay for thier children undergraduate level to get a first degree, but how many are they out there actually know that majority (more than 90%) of graduate school students pursuing thier second or third degree with scholarship without relying on family financial support for thier study?

Jane's expenses in Korea for more than 6 years until today, it's all from scholarship and Jane's hard work. Yeah, Jane's parents do send some money to Jane once in a while for emergency help.

But, still, with those responses from others, Jane feels stone, embrasse, or whatever.

Explain on the spot to people who said so?

That's not what Jane would do. Why?

Jane doesn't want others to have a further misunderstanding that Jane is a person who likes showing off.

Just a thought : "Mind our own business, instead of being busybody hurting other's feelings."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pressure vs Volume~

In thermodynamics, non-ideal gas rule : P V = z n R T

By just considering only the relation of P (pressure) and V (volume), P is inverse proportion to V.

According to the equation, in other words, a satifaction of volume is necessary to relieve pressure.

So, when it is applied to human, generally to majority, it's understandable why one would gain weight when one gets too stress from works, studies, relationships and etc.

Because usually one would eat whatever till one thinks it's enough to relieve stress.

As a consequence, one gains weight, which means one's volume goes up.

Agree? Not?

Maybe you disagree. But Jane thinks and observes that it does apply to majority in the society. :)

Anyway, Jane wishes everyone has a very Happy Chinese New Year 2008 with a good new year ahead.

Be happy and optimism always is one of the good ways to destress as well. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Korean traditional food ~

Korean has rice cakes on Korean New Year.

Because they believe that by eating rice cake, they would have longer lives.

Here are some of the common rice cakes in Korea. (But Jane doesn't know the names)

They are yummy but for non-Korean, they may taste strange. :)

Korean has seaweed soup on thier birthday.

Because after a mother gave birth, she would have seaweed soup that good for women health.

So, during birthday, eating seaweed soup is for remembering how suffer thier mother was when giving birth.

There are many types of seaweed soup.

Such as :

Beef seaweed soup.

Seaweed soup with eggs!

With mushroom!

With dried prawn!

Seaweed soup with oysters!!

After have been staying in Korea for more than 6 years, Jane has seaweed soup and rice cakes on her birthday and during new year as well. :)