Friday, February 1, 2008

Korean traditional food ~

Korean has rice cakes on Korean New Year.

Because they believe that by eating rice cake, they would have longer lives.

Here are some of the common rice cakes in Korea. (But Jane doesn't know the names)

They are yummy but for non-Korean, they may taste strange. :)

Korean has seaweed soup on thier birthday.

Because after a mother gave birth, she would have seaweed soup that good for women health.

So, during birthday, eating seaweed soup is for remembering how suffer thier mother was when giving birth.

There are many types of seaweed soup.

Such as :

Beef seaweed soup.

Seaweed soup with eggs!

With mushroom!

With dried prawn!

Seaweed soup with oysters!!

After have been staying in Korea for more than 6 years, Jane has seaweed soup and rice cakes on her birthday and during new year as well. :)


hp84 said...

Jane, i did my thesis on seaweed during last semester. I did on the both Caulerpa racemosa and Turbinaria conoides.

In conclusion, seaweeds got antioxidant activities, which can help to prevent aging and various diseases.

So, it is good to consume seaweeds.

3POINT8 said...

gee...with the rate society is going now, I'm not sure whether longevity is a good thing.
Oh well....I know one thing for sure, seaweed is some good stuff! yummy~~~

Bell said...

OMG the rice cakes look so good... and the seaweed soup... I think I'mma gonna go cook myself up some seaweed soup right now! ^_^

::christie-kisstie:: said...

The rice cakes looks yummy..
hehehe.. will try it somedays..
OMG! i want to eat seaweed badly. :((

U.Lee said...

Hi Jane, Korean food? They sure look really delicious. Looks very healthy too.
No wonder I see Korean people, especially the women having nice complexions.
Bet you do too, huh?
Was in Seoul wayyy back in 2002. Love their kimchi.
I still buy a box here once awhile too.
Anyway Jane, you keep well and have a nice day, UL.

Dexxie Rocks said...

I wan that Beef Seaweed Soup...


YEN XOXO said...

Seaweed soup is my FAVOURITE! I always like to cook it by myself.. Haha~ ;)

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...