Monday, January 28, 2008

Flash back of 2007 (III-ii)~

Busan~ more photos from Busan!!

Just some radom shots. :p

Subway station in Busan. It's long. 32 doors to 40 doors a subway has in Korea.

Books vending machine in the subway stations.

One of the famous beaches in Busan, HaeUenDae Beach.

Another side of HaeUenDae Beach. Can you see the crowd?

Another famous beach, GuangAnRi Beach.

This is how everyone enjoys the summer season by chit chatting on the beach at night with friends, family.

The crowd at night with some events going on along the beach!

It's a relaxing summer trip in Busan. ^^

Jane will go back to Busan again for sure. :P

Who wants to join?

Do inform Jane. Let's see what plan could be worked out. :)


Muse Princess said...

The Crowd on the beach there is SCAAAAAAAAAAAARRRYYYYYY.
Those umbrellas, look more like grass in the garden...

yipguseng said...

wah!!! tat's really a lot of umbrellasszzz!!!!

if those much of ppl go into the water together..can only imagine - POLLUTION.. :P

hp84 said...

Wah, they even have book vending machine. COol!!
And the beaches are so pack with tiny human. HeHe..

Agnes said...

Nice place! I went there on year 2002! they have book vending machine...really C000ooool!!!

Satkuru said...

seriously nice ler the place. not like how i imagined :P and the beach is really filled with beach-goers. so fun :D

RuRu Jane~ said...

Muse princess : yeah!! haha.. crowded!!

yipguseng : haha.. nvm la.. just 2 months in a year they go to beach. :P

hp84 : yeah.. it's cool.

agnes : Korea keeps on changing. Things would be different on the street in only a few weeks. haha

Satkuru : haha.. yeah.. Busan is a nice place!! :P

iCalvyn said...

the beach look great, so many people...

here, less people going to beach, because poluted

I wan to go to, if can find sponsor :Þ

Flair Candy said...

lovely beach by night... cheers

Flair Candy

YEN XOXO said...

Busan is such a lovely place.. I've always wanted to go there.. Hope can get a chance soon.. =)

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...