Monday, January 28, 2008

Flash back of 2007 (III-ii)~

Busan~ more photos from Busan!!

Just some radom shots. :p

Subway station in Busan. It's long. 32 doors to 40 doors a subway has in Korea.

Books vending machine in the subway stations.

One of the famous beaches in Busan, HaeUenDae Beach.

Another side of HaeUenDae Beach. Can you see the crowd?

Another famous beach, GuangAnRi Beach.

This is how everyone enjoys the summer season by chit chatting on the beach at night with friends, family.

The crowd at night with some events going on along the beach!

It's a relaxing summer trip in Busan. ^^

Jane will go back to Busan again for sure. :P

Who wants to join?

Do inform Jane. Let's see what plan could be worked out. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flash back of 2007 (III-i)~


Just a summer weekend trip to the second big city in Korea, called Busan.

Busan is a very beautiful city with friendly people. :)

TaeJongDae was where Jane and her friends started thier wonderful and memorable trip.

See, how beautiful the sun was , at around 7.30am.

Could you see the island far over there?

Where would it lead them to?

CheauYih and Cindee brought Jane a wonderful and unforgettable trip. Thanks mates!! :)

More photos of Busan city are coming up. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's not the end yet~ :)

"우리 삼성 붙었어~~~~!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
"We got reply from Samsung~~~~!!!!! hehehehehe"

20080111, the snowy day, Jane got this sms from PeiPei.

Jane was so happy, like flying high in the snowy sky fulled with joys, as if she got the job herself. :)

From left to right : PeiPei, PekFang, HsinPei, Karen, SiMin.

PeiPei and HsinPei got a job in the same company, Samsung Engineering Korea. Both of them are having sweet relationship with 2 lucky Korean guys. Got a job here definitely a very great news that deserves a celebration.

Especially to PeiPei, Jane is very glad that she has found her cute and sweet Mr. Right here. Why is Jane so sure that is her Mr. Right? She just knows it from the way PeiPei told her about thier lovely story. She can see how sweet PeiPei is and the difference of PeiPei's new relationship, compare to previous relationships in these few years.

Congratulations, PeiPei and HsinPei!!! :)

This is XiaoJing. She and PekFang got a job offer from DongHwa Holding Korea. Congratulations, girls. (Got to know this news earlier on Jane's birthday.)

The guy in the middle is KangBoon. He got 2 job offers from both Samsung Engineering Korea and DongHwa Holding Korea. A smart guy. He is now in a dilemma on choosing what company he wants to work at. Jane hopes the information she got for him could help him out from the dilemma. :)

This year, 2008, starts with a totally different way to Jane. Around the same time of 2007, Jane was so upset that most of her friends leaving her and back to Malaysia after graduation. Her friends here are getting less and less. But, this sadness is washed away from the news they have got to her. :)

Yeah, Jane is so glad and happy for them, because :
- Jane is not alone in Seoul.
- Jane and her friends story in Seoul is not ended yet.
- Jane's 3rd birthday wish has came true to PeiPei, KangBoon and HsinPei. :)

Yes!! Jane's 3rd birthday wish of 2008 birthday.

Wish everyone around Jane have thier wishes come true. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

20080111~A wonderful day... :)

Yupe, 20080111 was a wonderful day for Jane, because snow did bring Jane a good day onwards with good news. :)

It was a wonderful whitey snowy morning.

Anyway, there were what Jane saw on her way to work.

Yes, this is what makes Jane worry about everytime it snows. The slippery ground!! It's still fine to walk on it when it's snow, but after everyone steps and steps on it till it turns to ice, it's not fun at all, unless you are good in skating. Unfortunately, Jane is not. lol

Well, the next two photos were taken from Jane's office. Views of snowy park from the 3rd floor. :)

Wonder what good news Jane had in this snowy day?

Do come back again. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flash back of 2007 (II)~

Let's continue the flash back of the year 2007.

Nothing much happened during March ~ August, but in these few months, Jane had gone through very tough and hard time she ever had, which enough to change Jane from being who she used to be.

Jane officially started working in Korea Institute of Ceramics Engineering and Technology as a graduate student researcher in Electronic Materials Lab of Electronic Components & Materials Devision where Jane started to have everyday-is-due-date life and also where Jane learns how to deal with endless workloads and complicated relationship among colleagues.

These are those who Jane has been working with. Some were not here in this photo. Working while studying in this foriegnland has made Jane become tougher. Thanks to them for showing Jane the other part of LIFE that Jane couldn't imagine at all when she was still a full-time undergraduate student back in the university.

Anyway, these are part of them in Chemical & Biological Engineering Department of Korea University that have been creating a WARM home for Jane in this foriegnland. Thanks to the professors, seniors, juniors and friends for leading Jane to see things differently and to think positively.

"You are always welcomed. Microsystem Lab of Korea University is your home in Korea. You have us here to be with you when you need company." said Dr. Song, Jane's supervising professor in Korea University.

Specially thanks to Dr. Song, who has made Jane realises and sees the true color of the society, and also made Jane feels so warm deep inside her heart that she is appreciated.

Specially thanks to her labmate, Sang-Mi, who has been lending Jane a hand when she needs help.

Yes, Jane has changed to be stronger, not to give up easily, taking up challenges without hesitate twice.

Yes, Jane is slowly walking over the peak of her graduate student life. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Friends~

This blog Jane specially dedicated to her friends, whose birthday from the 25th December to 2nd January.

1. Jane's long lost friend from hometown, who she has just found her through facebook!
- Sze Ann, Da' Xmas born sweet girl. :)

The birthday girl holding her cake with her gang celebrating her 24th birthday and Xmas in RCS Ireland. Happy belated birthday, Sze Ann!! May all your wishes come true, and all da' best for your future undertakings!!

2. Jane's lovely junior, who just got her final semester done and going to leave Korea for good.
- Pek Fang, Da' New Year Eve born lovely girl. ^^

Jane hasn't got the time to see her for quite a while, yet almost forgot to wish her happy birthday, not until the last 30 mins, Jane managed to wish her through sms. Pek Fang, happy birthday!! All da best for everything, happy-go-lucky girl.

3. Jane's 361-day younger sister from hometown, who is now having a loving and happy family.
- Chin Ting, Da' New Year born happy mother for two. :)

Jane hasn't had the chance to meet her since 2001. But it's great to know that she has a happy family with her loves one. Little Kenny learns how to walk, while her little sweetheart would be delivered soon within 2 months. Happy birthday, Chin Ting. Take good care of yourselves and your little sweethearts!!


Following are the two friends that had had celebrated birthdays with Jane for several years.
- Joey Lim, 29th December
- Sit aka Siu Keong, 2nd January - Jane's 72-hour elder brother :p

Well, it was a really big party back to 2004 December. Almost all Malaysian Chinese in Seoul attended the party and they bought 3 cakes for each of them. Actually, that was the last birthday party Jane had together with both Joey and Sit. Happy belated 24th Birthday, Joey. While, Sit, Happy 26th Birthday!!! :p