Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Friends~

This blog Jane specially dedicated to her friends, whose birthday from the 25th December to 2nd January.

1. Jane's long lost friend from hometown, who she has just found her through facebook!
- Sze Ann, Da' Xmas born sweet girl. :)

The birthday girl holding her cake with her gang celebrating her 24th birthday and Xmas in RCS Ireland. Happy belated birthday, Sze Ann!! May all your wishes come true, and all da' best for your future undertakings!!

2. Jane's lovely junior, who just got her final semester done and going to leave Korea for good.
- Pek Fang, Da' New Year Eve born lovely girl. ^^

Jane hasn't got the time to see her for quite a while, yet almost forgot to wish her happy birthday, not until the last 30 mins, Jane managed to wish her through sms. Pek Fang, happy birthday!! All da best for everything, happy-go-lucky girl.

3. Jane's 361-day younger sister from hometown, who is now having a loving and happy family.
- Chin Ting, Da' New Year born happy mother for two. :)

Jane hasn't had the chance to meet her since 2001. But it's great to know that she has a happy family with her loves one. Little Kenny learns how to walk, while her little sweetheart would be delivered soon within 2 months. Happy birthday, Chin Ting. Take good care of yourselves and your little sweethearts!!


Following are the two friends that had had celebrated birthdays with Jane for several years.
- Joey Lim, 29th December
- Sit aka Siu Keong, 2nd January - Jane's 72-hour elder brother :p

Well, it was a really big party back to 2004 December. Almost all Malaysian Chinese in Seoul attended the party and they bought 3 cakes for each of them. Actually, that was the last birthday party Jane had together with both Joey and Sit. Happy belated 24th Birthday, Joey. While, Sit, Happy 26th Birthday!!! :p