Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year Resolutions~

Here it comes, the year 2008.

Jane notised that she has a lot to do in the year 2008, because near to the end of 2008 would be a big turning point in her life.

Jane wishes to try her best, so that she wouldn't regret on the decisions she would make.

Here are Jane's new year resolutions:

1. Work hard on the new project.
-going to start a new project related to solid oxide fuel cell.

2. Attend more conferences, at least one international conference.
- with oral presentations, instead of poster presentation.

3. Publish at least 4 journals as a first order writter.
- 2 related to previous project of lithium rechargeable batteries, while 2 related to new project.

4. Work hard on job hunting.
- try to get a job in Korea, or somewhere else in Europe or U.S., but would focus in Korea.

5. Get more part time translation job.
- especially in Korean-English to earn extra cash, while gain knowledge.

6. Work hard and get the final graduation thesis done as soon as possible.
- this is the tough one, also what Jane worries the most.

7. Meet the other half, hopefully.
- this is the tough one too.

8. Get back to yoga class, hopefully.
- this one need both time and financial permissions.

9. Loss weight for around 5kgs, hopefully.
- this one should not be a problem :)

That's all for Jane's resolutions.

Seems like nothing much, but Jane doubt whether she could get all of them done in a year.

Anyway, Jane wishes everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!

May 2008 would be a great year ahead for everyone. :)


Sooth said...

4 journals? Is that a little ambitious? I'm not sure about your field but 4 journals in my field is quite an achievement.

RuRu Jane~ said...

sooth: Well, it's not easy, the first 2 are already in progress since months ago, but yet still working on it. Well, for ya, as a PhD student, I bet you should have achieved it. :)

danielctw said...

Hmmm.... interesting stuffs. This is better than not knowing what to do for the coming future. At least you have an aim unlike some of my previous degree friends who said 'go with the flow' O.o

Ted said...

A fruitful year ahead of you in 2008, which is a good thing and live it well as year goes by in a blink of an eye.
Cheers to the new year 2008 and wishing you all the best with success.

Paul Chin said...

Where there is a will, there is a way. First time seeing ppl doing the resolution in this way. I didnt see much obstacles for Jane to undertake the mission as it's all achievable.

Havent seen Jane for umpteen years..however, i strongly believe that she can do it as she armed with the conditions of success. (Hope the encouragement can cheer her up for the continuing of blog writing, as her wish mar!! haha!!)

In fact, the resolution should be added one... Maintain good exercise, at least 1 hour, three times per week. Saying to u la..OT gal.

An old fashioned way to say that " Those who work hard are crowned with success, others are like cats that wish to eat fish but dare not wet their feet."

Happy 2008!!!

RuRu Jane~ said...

Daniel: yeah.. having targets in our life is good to live our live fullest!!

Ted: same to you too!!

Paul: hahaha... calling me da OT gal somemore... lol Happy New YEar to you too. :) Thanks for dropping by :P

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