Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's not the end yet~ :)

"우리 삼성 붙었어~~~~!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
"We got reply from Samsung~~~~!!!!! hehehehehe"

20080111, the snowy day, Jane got this sms from PeiPei.

Jane was so happy, like flying high in the snowy sky fulled with joys, as if she got the job herself. :)

From left to right : PeiPei, PekFang, HsinPei, Karen, SiMin.

PeiPei and HsinPei got a job in the same company, Samsung Engineering Korea. Both of them are having sweet relationship with 2 lucky Korean guys. Got a job here definitely a very great news that deserves a celebration.

Especially to PeiPei, Jane is very glad that she has found her cute and sweet Mr. Right here. Why is Jane so sure that is her Mr. Right? She just knows it from the way PeiPei told her about thier lovely story. She can see how sweet PeiPei is and the difference of PeiPei's new relationship, compare to previous relationships in these few years.

Congratulations, PeiPei and HsinPei!!! :)

This is XiaoJing. She and PekFang got a job offer from DongHwa Holding Korea. Congratulations, girls. (Got to know this news earlier on Jane's birthday.)

The guy in the middle is KangBoon. He got 2 job offers from both Samsung Engineering Korea and DongHwa Holding Korea. A smart guy. He is now in a dilemma on choosing what company he wants to work at. Jane hopes the information she got for him could help him out from the dilemma. :)

This year, 2008, starts with a totally different way to Jane. Around the same time of 2007, Jane was so upset that most of her friends leaving her and back to Malaysia after graduation. Her friends here are getting less and less. But, this sadness is washed away from the news they have got to her. :)

Yeah, Jane is so glad and happy for them, because :
- Jane is not alone in Seoul.
- Jane and her friends story in Seoul is not ended yet.
- Jane's 3rd birthday wish has came true to PeiPei, KangBoon and HsinPei. :)

Yes!! Jane's 3rd birthday wish of 2008 birthday.

Wish everyone around Jane have thier wishes come true. :)


SilverIsle said...

Good news, finally! Congratz to your friends, and also to you oh. Hehe.

peipei said... was ur third wish~!!! hehe..really unbelievable~~we can meet and hang out again in Seoul~!!!! hehe... hope ur other wishes also come true this year~^^ all the best!!!

jane2 said...

jane, can i hv kangboon's msn plsssss, thx

Sooth said...

Nice to see you have some Malaysian kakis there.

RuRu Jane~ said...

SilverIsle : yeah!!! Thank you. haha

PeiPei : yalor!! unbelievable ler.. haha.. see ya this Saturday!! :P

Jane2 : haha.. please introduce yourself first by email me, ok? Thanks. :) You could get my email address in my profile.

Sooth : huh.. don't be jealous!! I ajak you come to Seoul to join us for some events, but you always can't make it!! :P

Ah Lok Cafe said...

congret to ur friends ! n all the best !

Hock Siang said...

wow... that's great news! i'm really happy for them too.. =)

RuRu Jane~ said...

ahlok : Thank you. haha

hocksiang : hehe... your seniors all smart, right? haha.. good news ler... :P

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