Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flash back of 2007 (II)~

Let's continue the flash back of the year 2007.

Nothing much happened during March ~ August, but in these few months, Jane had gone through very tough and hard time she ever had, which enough to change Jane from being who she used to be.

Jane officially started working in Korea Institute of Ceramics Engineering and Technology as a graduate student researcher in Electronic Materials Lab of Electronic Components & Materials Devision where Jane started to have everyday-is-due-date life and also where Jane learns how to deal with endless workloads and complicated relationship among colleagues.

These are those who Jane has been working with. Some were not here in this photo. Working while studying in this foriegnland has made Jane become tougher. Thanks to them for showing Jane the other part of LIFE that Jane couldn't imagine at all when she was still a full-time undergraduate student back in the university.

Anyway, these are part of them in Chemical & Biological Engineering Department of Korea University that have been creating a WARM home for Jane in this foriegnland. Thanks to the professors, seniors, juniors and friends for leading Jane to see things differently and to think positively.

"You are always welcomed. Microsystem Lab of Korea University is your home in Korea. You have us here to be with you when you need company." said Dr. Song, Jane's supervising professor in Korea University.

Specially thanks to Dr. Song, who has made Jane realises and sees the true color of the society, and also made Jane feels so warm deep inside her heart that she is appreciated.

Specially thanks to her labmate, Sang-Mi, who has been lending Jane a hand when she needs help.

Yes, Jane has changed to be stronger, not to give up easily, taking up challenges without hesitate twice.

Yes, Jane is slowly walking over the peak of her graduate student life. :)