Monday, February 25, 2008

Huh?! What?! ......

Recently, Jane scratches her head while wondering, "Why would people always think in this way, say things in this way?"

"What do you do?" , people asks.

"I am studying in Korea, doing master degree." , Jane answers.

"Wah, your family must be rich." or "Wah, your parents must spending a lot for you to study overseas in Korea for so many years."

". . . . . . "

More than 90% of those asking Jane that question thinks and says that to Jane when they get to know that Jane is still studying in Korea.

Maybe in majority's eyes, that's a normal and appropriate "estimination" towards Jane.

It's understandable if one thinks that parents pay for thier children undergraduate level to get a first degree, but how many are they out there actually know that majority (more than 90%) of graduate school students pursuing thier second or third degree with scholarship without relying on family financial support for thier study?

Jane's expenses in Korea for more than 6 years until today, it's all from scholarship and Jane's hard work. Yeah, Jane's parents do send some money to Jane once in a while for emergency help.

But, still, with those responses from others, Jane feels stone, embrasse, or whatever.

Explain on the spot to people who said so?

That's not what Jane would do. Why?

Jane doesn't want others to have a further misunderstanding that Jane is a person who likes showing off.

Just a thought : "Mind our own business, instead of being busybody hurting other's feelings."


kxin said...

Don't let how others think affect your mood, just let it be ;) Be happy always! =)

kxin said...

o ya enjoy ur massage chair and dvd players in ur office! haha

3POINT8 said...

Wha~~~ 6yrs in Korea
Wha~~~ Scholarship in masters
(I wonder if people would view me as a hypocrite, or just another emotionless commentor)

I mean, its natural that others to guess how you got where you are now...
besides, they are not hurting you, are they?

SilverIsle said...

Ignore them is the best thing we can do instead of trying hard to explain. When they realise the truth behind it one day, they will know then that they are wrong to accuse you for being so and so at first. Cheerz! =)

P/S: Miss you lar...

Satkuru said...

don't care what others think ler. hahaha anywhere you go sure there are people like that, trying to get under your skin.

but i have to say, i envy you :P korea six years you know. shiok !

小泽 a.k.a. DSvT said...

Don't give damn on other people's words... They would not understand because they are not you... For me, I just think the oppurtunity to have oversea studies session is good for anyone...

hp84 said...

I really admire you for being able to secure scholarship and survive on your own in a land far away from your parents.

Not any simple person can be like you.

Ken said...


what if you write a post debunking the myth that you have to be super-rich to study overseas, Korea.

then we can put it on our website oso..... consider it leh?

Empowering Youth

Marcus said...

Jane is rich!

Rich at heart le.

Cheer up la, that is people's impression and not yours. Just ignore like you ignore your ex- *hehehehehe*


Genova said...

to do list :
update blog :)

ZuiYanHong said...

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