Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch with "Old" friends~ ^^

Jane was featured in Johnson's blog .

Yeah, Jane knows Johnson and Johny since the year 2001 through an internet community.

There are a bunch out there from the community, like David, Daniel, Amy, Fanny, Lilian, Cheryl and etc.

First person from the community, who managed to meet Jane in Korea is Brian .

After so many years, Johnson and Johny are the second and third person Jane met from the community.

As what Johnson mentioned in the blog, Jane managed to meet one of the community member, David's brother and sister, but haven't managed to meet David yet.

In fact, during this trip back in Malaysia, Jane tried so hard arranging time with Johnson and Eric, just to try to meet as many persons as possible.

The funny part of this lunch meeting was Eric, who was the one suggested for lunch first, but also who was the one who couldn't make it at the end, due to last minute urgent meeting in company. Hahahaha

Anyway, it was a nice lunch. Thanks to Johnson and Johny for the lunch. :)