Tuesday, August 5, 2008

July 2008~

First time updating this blog after Jane has got back in Malaysia.

What has Jane done in the past few weeks?

13th July : Got back in Malaysia at the evening.

18th July : Moved to Pandan Indah, KL.

22nd July : Met shouters ( Daniel, Aaron, Ricky) from ShoutOut for the 1st time, drank in the mamak from 11pm till the next day morning 5.45am.

24th July ~ 25th July : Went to Port Dickson with Daniel, Aaron, and David, without any schedule or plan in advance. That's what made the trip simple, yet fun and enjoyable. From this trip, Jane had learnt more about those who went along. ^^

Camwhoring with David's Sony T-300. From front : David, Jane, Aaron, Daniel.

31st July : Met many more shouters in MidValley, other than Daniel, Aaron and David, who are Jess, William, Steven, WaiSeng, Angeline, Satkuru, to catch up The Mummy, which also the 2nd worst movie that Jane has ever watched in the cinema.

Yupe, it's fun and interesting hanging out with shouters.

Haha... With all the digicams and DSLRs around, Jane has learnt and now trying her best to be camera-ready all the time when hanging out with them.


Hannah said...

waaah Jane :) nice to know you updated already lolz keep posting :P

Hannah said...

btw Jane, the mummy was really a sweatcase lolz... if that's your second worst movie watched... what's the first in ur list? :P

Lasker said...

Welcome back to Malaysia, Jane :)
Glad you had fun .. nothing is as sweet as home eh eh ? :)

jėss.T said...

wow... not fair. I wanted so much to go to KL too and meet up the rest of the shouters but circumstances never allowed it. =(

anyway, thank goodness I havent watched THE MUMMY yet.. since u sed it sucked. lol

i think HELLBOY sucked tho


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-waiseng- said...

yesh! u have to always be camera ready :P

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Anonymous said...

hi nice to see you :D

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vialentino said...

enjoy ur stay in pandan indah

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